O.A.C X Death Cigarettes

Death Cigarettes leave their mark in this ultimate collab with O.A.C

O.A.C, a fixture in the rock ‘n’ roll world of opulence, is uniting with Death Cigarettes to release a timeless piece that encapsulates its style and attitude as a collective.

The duo’s collab is packed with nostalgia and heritage. They have combined their passion and creativity to design the exclusive 2022 Death Cigarettes No.666 Leather Motorcycle Jacket. In true Death Cigarettes fashion, ‘like everything, there are jackets, and then there are jackets’.

O.A.C have built a brand around opulence, attitude and individual spirit. Its collaboration with Death Cigarettes comes from a place of common ground. A unique menswear brand that is packed with attitude and heritage finds its way onto the backs of mavericks, outsiders, rebels, activists, game-changers, catalysts, the mischievous, the exceptional, the brave.

O.A.C X Death Cigarettes Biker jacket

This iconic alliance is inspired to leave a mark of rebellion with this staple piece. Drawing from the legendary British motorcycle jacket design, O.A.C x Death Cigarettes has designed a masterpiece in the form of one, uncompromising, truly epochal leather biker jacket that leaves nothing behind.

The No.666 Leather Motorcycle Jacket is made from the highest quality, full grain cow hide black leather, creating a beautifully strong, elegantly tough statement leather. The finish is an aniline dye, mixed with oils that are soaked into the leather, giving it an added softness while retaining its rich, high-quality touch. The elegant yet deathly details bleed through to the seams and inner lining. The front closure of the jacket is finalised with an angled YKK main zipper, tightened with an adjustable built-in half belt. The No.666 Leather Motorcycle Jacket is crafted for the rider who braves any storm. 

The inner back patch label has a nod towards the Death Cigarettes collaboration, with the emblematic Death Cigarettes Skull Icon laser cut and frenched into the suede leather. Leaving no areas untouched.

O.A.C X Death Cigarettes Biker jacket

O.A.C and Death Cigarettes have intricately envisaged, designed and created a jacket that takes no prisoners and leaves nothing behind. The details from manufacture to finish are of the highest quality. Influenced by the Gideon Soundback in the 1930s, Death Cigarettes has allowed this to continue as a signature feature of its high quality leather biker jackets seen in this 2022 collaboration.

O.A.C X Death Cigarettes Biker jacket

The collab with Death Cigarettes encompasses the attitude, spirit and dreams of O.A.C. As they make a mark of rebellion in the fashion industry by running where the brave dare not to go, we will continue to see uncompromising and exemplary creations of a rock legend.

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