Overnight Angels Crew is a luxury fashion brand conceptualised by Rock Legend and bass guitarist of Def Leppard, Rick Savage. 

The brand name was born from a place of Savage’s nostalgia, inspired by Ian Hunter’s title track on his 1977 album, Overnight Angels. It was this Summer of ’77 that Savage was at a crossroads in his own life. Def Leppard formed that same year, and Savage chose to pay homage to that poignant time in his life with a brand he hopes will inspire others with its gritty attitude and reminiscence.

Both Rick and his son Scott worked closely with Nick Holland, the go to fashion expert for all Rockstar alike. Holland founded the successful clothing line Pretty Green with Oasis’ Liam Gallagher. He brings with him a wealth of experience, bringing to life a luxurious brand grounded in the disruptive and evocative nature of the designs.

Scott & Rick Savage


The Label

An eclectic mix of designs by Scott and Rick Savage. Overnight Angels Crew establishes itself as a brand known for elite quality and nostalgic authenticity that thunders above the noise. Distinctively characterised by powerful visuals and a strong graphic identity, you’ll find your fix of transcendent design, influenced by the rock soul intensity of the 80s and 90s with bold illustrations on a diverse product range.

Throughout the year, we can expect limited edition drops from the label that encompass opulence and individuality with an exclusive access to a Rockstar’s wardrobe. OAC x Special Projects is Rick’s playground. Narrative led designs that feature in his tour wardrobe. Here we see the rock influence take hold with a variety of collaborations and covers.

Elite quality is the central element for every release, each piece is designed with your future in mind by never compromising on the finer details.