The Saturday Night lights of Jimmy Kimmel Live shine on O.A.C

On the 25th May, we saw a glimpse of O.A.C. on the strobe lit stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Def Leppard stepped on to perform live ahead of their upcoming Stadium Tour this Summer.  

Amongst the rock ‘n’ roll, timeless classics, Rick Savage gave the viewers a preview of his passion project. The crystal encrusted guitar strap was designed by Kiley who brings Savage’s vision to reality with her exclusive, handmade concept creations and designs. Savage worked alongside Kiley to fine tune the details of the strap, providing the first look into his exclusive O.A.C clothing line.

Kiley worked with Rick Savage to create the guitar strap seen on stage. Handmade by Kiley herself, each crystal was precision crafted to ensure that the luxury brands headline product stood out from the crowd.

Behind the scenes, Savage has been working on more than just fine tuning his musical talents for the Summer. He and his son, Scott, have been busy creating two lines that encapsulate their style and fuses an eclectic mix of influences from their own narrative. The Overnight Angels Crew collection is inspired by Scott Savage. The designs captivate the classical urban backdrop of the 90s. The Crew line will be the core premium product line that will run throughout the year.

The showstopping strap is part of the O.A.C. line, a stage collection which will feature one-of-a-kind garments worn by Rick himself on tour. The designs showcase exemplary detail inspired by opulence and attitude.

The guitar strap seen on stage is just the start of the duo’s vision. Over the past year, they have been creating a clothing brand that is disruptive, evocative and contemporary in spirit. As seen in Rick Savage’s performance on that evening, nothing is out of touch or out of reach for the rock legend.

Rick said “I’m excited to wear the pieces from the collection on stage and bring them to life this Summer. It has been great to be part of the journey from start to finish with O.A.C and where better to fuse my creative passions than on stage. I believe the Stage Collection will shine under the lights of the Stadium Tour”.

The guitar strap acts as a glimmer of what is to come from Savage and the O.A.C team. As a musician, he took inspiration from pivotal moments in his life, and we are looking forward to seeing his next chapter play out in a mix of music and fashion that have been the cornerstone of his life for generations.

We can be certain to see many more featured items such as the guitar strap under the bright lights very soon. Watch this space…


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