Rocking the Skull Funk Tee – Inspired by Snoop Dogg

Authentically bold. Our “Skull Funk” graphic tee was created as a nod to Snoop Dogg following the launch of ‘Let’s Rock It!’, a digital game Def Leppard created in partnership with Snoop Dogg’s tech agency DiGGital doGG.

Scott and the Crew designed the iconic t-shirt to celebrate this partnership. The Skull Funk graphic is the embodiment of the brand’s spirit. A true fusion of 90s rock and American hip-hop. 

The graphic is also one of Rick’s favourites from the Crew Line, so much so that he gifted a T-shirt to the legendary Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx whilst touring together across America. And he loves it! 

Skull Funk Tee

Def Leppard’s game collab with Snoop Dogg’s tech company, DiGGital doGG, allows downloaders of ‘Let’s Rock It!’ to step into the shoes of a rockstar and rise to fame with the help of Rick and his band. Users will be able to collect stylish clothes and new musical instruments in this curated digital world. Overnight Angels Crew brings this to life with Rick’s O.A.C line a collection of unique garments worn on stage by Sav himself. So you can live out your rockstar dreams in both the virtual and real world. 

The Skull Funk tee - for the kindred souls, inspired to be a creative spirit, with authentic style and a standout identity.