Hallowed Ground: OAC rolls out BMX campaign in time for Bolehills Track Reunion

To mark the New Year and ring in the relaunch of the Overnight Angels Crew collection, the team took some of their favourite pieces down to their favourite hangout 2 minutes from HQ. 

An urban skate park in the heart of Sheffield, some of the locals were happy to show us how it's done while sporting the Skull Raider Long Sleeve and Crew Originals T-shirt. 

For many, a childhood love for BMXing forms the gateway to a lifelong passion for motorcycles, something close to the heart of the OAC team, especially OAC director Scott, who says "I've been falling off BMXs ever since I was a little kid."

Overnight Angels Crew BMX 

BMXing is also an integral part of the culture of Sheffield, the brand's hometown. Next week marks the anniversary of Bolehills, which sees its 40th year as an important Yorkshire race track; stomping ground for champions, Olympians and rockstars alike.  On the 21st of January at Walkley Cottage photographs and videos of the track, which would be shown at an event on 21 January at The Walkley Cottage community pub.

Overnight Angels Crew BMX

The OAC team will be heading to the track to get some more great footage of the pieces and the people in action - those who know the grit and daring that OAC stands for.